Sunday, May 24, 2009

Water Tank Loop

I have spoke often of my short rides around the block, of noodling around the 3-mile loop.  When time is short, I grab brief opportunities to sneak in a ride like I reach into the pantry for a handful of Fritos...only better.  I've often said that even the shortest of rides can provide valuable refreshment for the mind.

With that sentiment in mind, I'd like to introduce you to what I will call the "Water Tank Loop".  It's another short route, but significantly longer than the 3-mile loop.  It measures out to be a whopping 5.3 miles.  Yeah, big deal, huh?  Well, for me it's huge.  Now I have options.  I have two short loops that I can use to refresh my mind.  Like Fritos or M&M's...only better.

Similar to the 3-mile loop, this one has a blend of shady, tree-covered roads and wide open pastures.  It has some high-dollar, well maintained ranches, and some more humble homes out on the prairie like mine.  There are old tractors, old barns, and fancy new gates.  There is also the elevated water tank sitting on top of the highest point.

Along part of the route, the road traces a ridge.  Looking west, it's like the whole Clear Creek valley opens up for inspection.

So it's a place to ride often and notice the seasonal changes.  But it's also somewhere the folks who live here in north Denton County can pursue a quieter place and a slightly slower pace.

Perfect for the bicycle, isn't it?

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