Saturday, May 2, 2009

Town & Country

It was a "town & country" ride through Sanger, Texas and surrounding area. Expecting rain, I started early and didn't get too far from home. Since the wind was not howling as much, birdsong serenaded my way.

The neighborhood is greening-up and the air is fragrant. I went through at least two locations were the the ligustrum scent was so thick, I had to get out of the saddle to power through it.

I'm not fast, but thought maybe I could LOOK fast if I shoot a short video of the roadside going by.

I'm still not fast, I guess, but I do know how to have a great time.

The wind shift hit me about 30 minutes from home. It was cool and heavy with the scent of rain.


  1. I like the addition of the video.

  2. I love the header picture of the lone cycle very atmospheric

  3. I one of the Kog against the wide open field is particularly nice.

  4. It was an unusually great couple of hours outdoors. Thanks for the kind words, but this doesn't communicate how great it was.

  5. Excellent! A friend and I had a really nice ride today too. It keeps the body and mind both fit.