Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Afternoon Loop

This blog has shown much of the 3-mile loop, but it seems the possibilities are without end.

The seasons, the light, and the things people do...


  1. y'all live in nice country out there!
    very pretty horse and tractor picture in b&w.

    peace :)

  2. You OBVIOUSLY were not blowing kisses toward that horse before the photos. Horses, cows, and buffalo all find cyclists blowing kisses in their direction to warrant unwavering attention!

    I shall expect a follow-up validation post on this critical subject of general interest...

  3. Steve, I'm not sure how obvious my behavior is from the photo. Nevertheless, I can assure you that blowing kisses to a farm animal at that moment would have been as foreign a thought then, as it is now in plain view of the entire internet.

  4. That bicycle in the road is what we call a "reclined pose". It's a art thing.