Sunday, October 10, 2010


I can hardly believe it. Two consecutive weekends, and two consecutive S24Os. It is beginning to get a little out of hand. You'd think I'm really into the bike camping thing.

This time, my buddy Keith came over from Sulphur Springs to join me. This time, we arrived early enough to get my "usual" spot. So, if you've been following this blog awhile, some of these images might be a little familiar.

My usual spot is far enough up into the backwater to be out of the crowd, but close enough to the water to enjoy the view. While scouting around this weekend, we found some other nice spots to try that offer a better view of the main part of the lake. Maybe next time.

After setting up housekeeping, Keith and I took a short hike on the nearby trails. Much of our time was spent in dense forested areas, but occasionally we'd pop out into an opening and enjoy the afternoon sun lighting up the prairie grasses.

This old tree, standing in the water, has been my subject in several S24O photos. I can't help it. It always catches my eye. As the sun dropped behind the trees, the sky was absolutely clear. So no fancy cloud patterns that night.

The sky was also clear the next morning. The eye-catcher was the simple color fade evident in the atmosphere. Well that, and the still water reflections.

Back at the campsite, the morning sun lit up the leaves, and created a light show of another kind. The contrast between glowing leaves and shadows go well with that first cup of coffee.

Another feature of the waterfront was the fog rolling across still water. The slight north breeze was enough to roll the fog, but not enough to texture the water surface.

We did a short hike in the morning after breakfast. It's really too soon for fall color in north Texas, but we did enjoy a few small previews of what is to come.

These great purple flowers, like I saw last weekend, were still blooming in the open areas.

This paved trail doesn't go on forever, but it does include several views like this one to stimulate the imagination a bit.

S24Os are great. S24Os with good friends are the best.


  1. I happen to be uploading pictures of my own bike camping weekend as I'm reading about yours.

    Yours looks wonderful.

  2. Absolutely stunning. I just love the fog photos ... I am a sucker for fog, in general. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful photos, I love'em!
    That buddy of yours looks familiar.
    Was he the guy riding the MTN bike during the Ramble?

    Peace :)

  4. Nice photos! That lake looks like a great destination.