Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Just the Cycling

Northwest Denton County is a wonderful place to ride a bicycle. This is especially true on October evenings. Hot summer days behind us, cooler air is added to the always pleasurable rolling countryside. Beginning in late afternoon, you can watch as the sun seems to accelerate downward, as if falling out of the sky. But it's not just the cycling.

I arrived under this disintegrated windmill just after sundown. I was surrounded by pasture as far as I could see. It was quiet. There was a dirt road leading to this windmill standing about 100 feet from the county road, and I had paused to enjoy a snack, the quiet, and the golden twilight.

An old pickup came up the county road from the south. As it came near, it slowed. "Oh no," I thought, and braced myself for questioning...or worse. I was preparing my, "I just wanted to get out of the road and take a couple of photos," defense. Trying to appear harmless, I waved. The truck slowed almost to a stop, signaled, and began turning toward me onto the dirt road. With half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one hand, I grabbed my stem with the other and scurried out of the way. The driver side window came down. "Just need to go feed the deer," she explained. "I'm sorry," I replied, rolling out of the way. She smiled and said, "No problem, you stay here as long as you like." So I did.

I finished the sandwich, wiped the peanut butter off my face, and stowed the wrappings back in my handlebar bag. While I turned on my lights for the ride home, the pickup truck came bouncing back from wherever the deer feeder was. I slowly pedaled up to speed, and waved as she pulled up along side. The passenger window came down, and she waved back. Then she said, "You have a nice evening!" So I did.

Up here in northwest Denton County, it's a great place to ride a bicycle, but it's not just the cycling. It's also the neighbors.

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