Friday, December 24, 2010


I have observed that the idea of "peace" is on the minds of many about this time of year. I suppose much of that has to do with a certain tradition, and the Bible passage found at Luke 2:14.

Even those that do not care for Bible passages seem to embrace the idea of peace around this time of year. For various reasons, and in many ways, there is a call to peace. And most of us enjoy it.

The concept of spiritual peace described in the Bible is deeply important to me, but not just at this time of year. To be honest, the holidays provide me a different kind of peace. They are a time to step aside from the hectic routine, and enjoy a slower, more reflective time.

It is common for me to visit with my mother in Florence, Alabama about this time of year. That has its own relaxation rewards, but the cyclist in me enjoys a bonus.

When I'm in town, I visit Wildwood Park. It is a lovely area adjacent to a tributary to the Tennessee River. And on Christmas eve, it is usually empty and quiet.

So instead of working at a frantic pace, or even partaking of mall madness, ...

...I celebrate my own personal seasonal tradition, and visit a place of peace.


  1. Wonderful post. Yesterday I read another take on that peace in Zechariah 9:9, 10. Thanks for the thoughts. Peace to you.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Peace to you, too. When do we get to ride *this* route with you? :)

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Peace to you brother, and have a Merry Christmas. God bless you and yours on this season that we reflect on how he has blessed the world, and offered salvation at the same time.


  4. The feeling of peacefulness I get from riding is one of my main reasons for doing it. These scenes look so warm and beautiful.

    I also got out for a ride in my wife's family's city, but those scenes were in stark contrast to these. Bleak and snowy. Still, a wonderful (and yes, peaceful) ride.

  5. Just caught up on your blog. I've been slacking. Great entry! Thanks for sharing.