Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lakeside Coffee

Like the skillfully blended strings of a symphony orchestra, the sound of wavelets kissing the shore combined with bird song, and the steamy gurgle of my Bialetti Moka Express delight the senses.

a finger of the lake all to myself

at the water's edge

simple stove

"Myles-inspired" homemade windscreen

Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker
(a birthday gift from my lovely daughters...thank you, ladies!)

brew time view

cup at the ready


worth doing,
worth doing right


  1. Not even thinking that's fair. Too pleasant for every day life.

  2. nice and nice! a fine thing. it's odd that so few take to enjoying these simple, finer pleasures of life.

    glad to see you got a bialetti! I picked up a second one a few weeks ago in Phoenix. Larger for company:)

    btw, on that homemade windscreen?

  3. Excellent photos!

    You did a first class job on the windscreen. I like the way that you shaped the ends so that they clasp together.

  4. Nothing like sipping coffee in the great outdoors. Especially near a lake. Nice!

  5. Tex69, sometimes things just come together.

    Jerome, the windscreen is a lightweight oven liner, cut in a rectangle, folded in half, and holes for a couple of spokes. I cut some small triangle-shaped openings on the bottom to allow some ventilation. It is somewhat fragile, but worked very well.

    Rat Trap Press, don't look too close. I'm no craftsman, but the folds on the ends seem to do the job.

    Boz, there's just something about a waterfront view to calm the soul.

  6. Chris,
    Excellent! I felt as if I was there. In the next few days I will try to make it down on the lake here to snap a pic of our sunset. It ducks down behind the mountains in New York. We share the wonderful Lake Champlain and its incredible. You inspire me to make simple rides in an otherwise busy world. Thanks, Wil

  7. Yet another successful coffee at the lake, congrats! The photos are very nice.
    Peace :)

  8. Wil, I'm looking forward to seeing your lake photos.

  9. Just beautiful -- and it looks so relaxing. A wonderful outing!

  10. A beautiful moment, beautifully captured. Enjoy your brew, Chris.