Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Update

Normally, I like to have some kind of consistent theme to these posts. Today, however, there's just a few random updates. Life is has been eventful lately.

Last night we stepped out on the front porch and saw this hanging around a decorative plant support. Apparently, it also supports the ubiquitous prowling Texas Rat Snake. Could we have rats and mice out here on the prairie?

Mrs. Pondero first spotted it up on a ledge eating June Bugs. I suggested that he find his way back to the prairie grass and better fulfill his true purpose in life.

My daughter and son-in-law came for a visit this weekend. That means said son-in-law has an opportunity to rip the legs off the old man.

He just purchased this nice urban fixed gear, and decided to let it visit the country. We avoided gravel, and it worked very well on the mellow rollers. He accomplished his purpose. Old man legs were definitely trashed.

I did my usual thing, pausing to catch my breath and admiring the waterways.

By the way, for those interested in Mrs. Pondero's honeybees, stay tuned for an update. Those bees have been...well...busy as bees. Update forthcoming.


  1. This post is "the bees' knees." FWIW, I'll bet SIL was feeling the ride despite his relative youth.

  2. (huff-puff) Isn't this stream pretty? (huff-puff) Give me a second, I'd like to take a photo here.

  3. I'm thinking that would've surprised Mrs.Tex.

  4. Paul, you NAILED it, my friend. That is pretty much exactly how it went down.

  5. At least the son-in-law is taller than 4 feet. Sometimes my 5 year old has me feeling tired after we "run" "stop" trotting down our road! :)

  6. Is it possible that you don't have rats and mice out there on the prairie?

  7. The son-in-law's fixed-gear bike looks like a blast! I need to spend more time on mine.

    Snakes are one of those things I fear, because I never know which ones are safe and which aren't.

  8. Rombsy - It is certain that rats and mice abound on the prairie. I see them scurry away from the tractor when I mow. I have forced my dogs to release them from their doggy mouths. I have removed them from the baited traps I set in the garage. And I have a designated habitat at the front of our property that I leave unmowed for them and any other wildlife that cares to live there.

  9. My point exactly. I was responding to Mr. Pondero's (perhaps kidding?) question as to whether or not there might be sustenance for a rat snake in your neck of the woods. Of course there is.

    I'm originally from prairie-type lands myself (Fairview, Alberta, Canada) and as much as I love that place, I'd be hard pressed to move back. The smalltown stuff I could get over now, but the winters I have no desire to return to. Sad, in a way, because where you live looks so beautiful and makes me long for certain things about that landscape.