Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lonely Stretch Visit

Spring time, with its new vibrant green and abundant sunshine, is even more enjoyable with a brisk morning start. We had temps in the lower 40's this morning, but that kind of refreshment is rapidly being replaced with what comes next.

Another case of the adequate being pushed aside for the new and improved. Another one-lane bridge is lost to progress. As a civil engineer, I understand load capacity and safety concerns, yet somehow the prior structure did its job for decades.

I spent most of my time on paved roads today, but did squeeze in time on a lonely stretch of gravel not visited lately. It is one of my favorites because it follows a ridge, gives pleasant views, and is amazingly void mechanical sounds.

There was this mechanical device, squeaking in the wind, and it was an auditory and visual standout.

This little stretch of lonely gravel offers views that provoke pondering, "I wonder where that goes?"

After a pause to soak in the quiet, I turned into a tailwind, and made it back to my prairie home sooner than I really wanted.


  1. Your rides are the perfect setting for your HH. It fits so well in your pictures of the prairie.

  2. One of the drawbacks to living in the middle of Denver is that I have to go 30 or 40 miles to find country roads. I miss living out in the country, some times.

    But, it's nice to be within a 30 minute ride of virtually everything I do.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos -- even better than usual. I didn't realize you're an engineer! You learn something new every day. Looks like a very satisfying ride.

  4. I hope the improvements don't mean a large increase in traffic. I think you should u-lock yourself to a large piece of construction machinery in protest.

  5. Nice. And can you post a pic of your rack/Edulux setup? I'm studying.

  6. The bridge may not be sufficient for what's coming down the pike. Like the rabbit characters in Watership Down, your future may be on a collision course with developers. I hope not.