Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dark Depart

It's wasn't easy to get up for a 5:30am rollout, but it was worth it. I find enduring an early alarm easier than triple digit temps and 25-35mph winds.

Aware of the windy forecast (it was already blowing pretty strong at departure), I worked my way south on a mix of paved and gravel roads to the Denton Greenbelt Trail, rode about 6 miles of it, and ended up at the southern end. After a brief, but scenic tour of downtown Denton, I returned along my traditional bicycle commute route. That route basically is a choice of going west, or north. On the west portions, I leaned into the cross wind and worked to maintain a line among the gusts. On the north portions, I was amazed by the mixed sensory signals my brain was receiving...tired legs, still air, but a landscape going by very rapidly.

After almost 5 hours on the bike, I had just enough time to get cleaned up and have a big lunch before that afternoon nap overcame me.


  1. That tail wind feels pretty good, doesn't it? Even when you're tired.

    Your early morning rides have got me thinking about doing such a thing tomorrow (Father's Day).

    I'd say you definitely earned a big lunch and a nap!

  2. Funny I did the same thing but with a 6:30 departure and mine was in the metroplex. My route also covered my work commute. It was strange when I was riding with the tail wind to not feel a breeze and then look down and see I was doing 20 mph. Strange sensation.

  3. I just returned from a short loop ride of about 7-8 miles before church. When I started the temp. was about 70 and it was pretty breezy from the south. We had a rain last night and it helped to settle the gravel dust. The humidity is still pretty high and the cool breeze felt good even if I was bucking it the first part of the ride. It was nice to have it pushing me back home. I don't have a speedometer like Dave but I could definitely feel the difference. Happy Father's Day all!

  4. 106F with a strong tail wind is more fun than 70F going the other way. Just sayin.

  5. Steve, wow! I thought I hated strong headwinds as much as anyone. Maybe not.

  6. 5 hours before lunch?!? I didn't know about those hours of the day. I'll have to see if I can locate them.

    Looks like a fantastic ride, and as always you managed to capture it with few words and just one image. I never can understand how you do that.