Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nice Light

The sky looked like this. In keeping with the new ride schedule, I had waited until sundown to head out for an evening cruise.

Up ahead, I saw the rancher park his truck on the left side of the road, and walk across to set his trash out for pickup on the right side. He turned immediately to walk back to his truck, but looked my direction and stopped. There was a slightly uncomfortable moment for me as he stood there, apparently waiting for me to arrive, or pass by. But why?

When I came near, he smiled, pointed to the front of my bike, and exclaimed, " one...bright...light!" What was at first slightly uncomfortable, became handshakes, introductions, and neighbors talking in the middle of the road at twilight. Our conversation covered pasture, fences, creeks, and cows. It dabbled a little while on bicycle lights. He told me about having a bike when he was a kid that had a bottle generator.

He filled in the details of my approach from his perspective. When he turned to cross back to his truck, he saw the light and thought I was riding a motorcycle. Of course, since I was on a bike, he had plenty of time to cross the road in front of me. He realized I was going a little slow for a motorized vehicle, but even then he wasn't thinking about speed. He said, "At first, I thought that was the quietest motorcycle I've ever seen!" When he finally realized that it was a bicycle approaching, he knew that he'd been fooled. Fooled by the Edelux before it was even dark.

As we parted, he complimented my light again. Nice neighbor.

Nice light.


  1. and nice light. My IQ-CYO does fine, but I wish I had ponied up the extra $ for the Edulux. It's so shiny.

  2. Some night, we'll have to test the Edulux against the mighty P7.

  3. Yes, the Edelux is shiny. I'm not sure it is the brightest light out there, but it's a significant step up from my E6. Steve, I think Bicycle Quarterly did a comparison, but I've not seen the comparison in person. That would be interesting.

  4. I grew up on a farm in west-central Missouri in the late 50's through the mid-70's. As an adolescent I sometimes became inpatient when my Dad would stop to visit with someone he came upon while out and about. He said he was just being neighborly. It looks like your Edelux gave you that same kind of opportunity.

  5. I love that kind of random human contact. Of course, I'm that annoying guy who talks to you in the supermarket line....