Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Tips

Morning light...

...and travel by bike.


  1. Somehow, except for work and times when I'm to meet someone, it seems lately I ride when it has warmed up - like today.

  2. I rode today in the heat and when I got back my body wasn't too happy :(

    Glad you're finding smarter times to ride, Chris :)

    Peace :)

  3. Beautiful, and well worth getting up early for, it seems.

  4. I need to start being a morning person again. I miss seeing the sunrise.

  5. Howdy, Mr. Pondero.

    Just a note to say I hope you're well, and that the reason for your absence is because you're out riding so much! It's your prerogative to post when you like, of course; I just haven't seen such a spell between updates since I started following you regularly.

    Warm regards in the heart of summer,

  6. Rombsy, thanks for noticing. I really appreciate it. It's just a coincidental series of minor inconveniences. Hopefully, something amusing, or worth pondering, will happen this weekend. Best to you...