Saturday, October 1, 2011

Agility Trial Roadie

Sometimes, on those family trips for weekend activities, bicycle exploration can be worked into the mix. All it takes is a little advance planning, and a diplomatic dose of managing expectations.

Mrs. Pondero thought that the purpose was to participate in an Agility Trial with her most senior student, Gus.

Gus, who often thinks of himself as the center of activity, also thought that the purpose of the outing was to participate in the Agility Trial. Not that he is quite as passionate about this sport as a Border Collie, but he's plenty passionate about the frequent treats and being the center of attention. Since the other furry rascals were left at home, he had all the treats and all the attention.

As the lowly Agility Trial roadie, I had certain duties and obligations. But my own reasons for being there were...well...let's just say they reached beyond simply attending an Agility Trial.

Since the event was in a rural area just north of the Red River and east of Lake Texoma, it seemed like a good opportunity for exploration on two wheels. The weather was perfect, and didn't take long to sniff out those lightly traveled roads, paths, and trails.

The fixed wheel Kogswell P/R performed better than expected in areas like this. It might have been a little of what some of my mountain bike riding friends refer to as trails with good "flow", or it might have been the refreshing perspective of riding somewhere new.

Either way, I had a couple of pleasant outings between roadie duties, and I saw things I don't see everyday.

And I had that eager anticipation that comes with riding new twisty roads, asking what lies beyond the next bend...and then the satisfaction of discovering the answers.


  1. Thanks for a good lesson in "balance". Good to hear about your ride, also. Hope your weather has been at least as pretty as ours.

  2. I'll bet Gus would have rather been running alongside on the trail and road.

  3. Hey, Steve, you might be right about that. On the other hand, he is easily distracted from "running alongside" to "chasing whatever catches his eye". He sometimes has the same problem when he should be running an agility course.

  4. Wonderful scenery, especially the rusty old truck. Great ride, well captured.