Sunday, November 6, 2011

Extra Hour

It was decided that last night was the time to put Daylight Savings Time back on the shelf for awhile. That means there was an extra hour available before meeting with other christians this morning for worship. Since I was starved for physical activity, I spent my extra hour on the country bike.

It was much better than sleep.


  1. Serene. Good idea as well. I never thought of taking the extra hour in the morning!
    Our service is for 9:30 though, so it'd be tough to get in a ride even with an extra hour.
    But tomorrow back in the "commute" saddle. Looking forward to a crisp morning and a high of 15 degrees celsius.
    Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  2. Such a beautiful road and a great time of day to enjoy it! Also, looks like some of your trees are starting to get their autumn prettiness.

  3. Wilson, I often take a short ride (30-60 min)on Sunday morning. Today, I left at 6:15am, rode a couple of hours, and still made it to church by 9:30am. And I only needed lights for a few minutes. Highly recommended.

  4. GravelDoc, yes, we are just now beginning to see a hint of color. I'm not sure if/how the drought will affect things, but we seem to be a bit behind this time last year.

  5. I used the extra hour for sleep and recovery from yesterdays ride in the wind. It was good.

  6. Proving there is no such thing as a free lunch, I had to turn on my light for the last stretch home from work today.

    It was sweet, however, getting to ride to work part way in the light.

  7. All that gravel makes a city dweller envious. I find myself keeping a farmers hours these days. I work from "caint to caint" so my commute is always in the dark these days.

    But, I'm already pouring over maps of gravel roads for the spring and making plans. Even in the dark, you can find optimisim.