Monday, November 28, 2011

Ramble 2011 Details

(looking back)

For those of you that might be interested in joining me for the Third Annual Fall Finale Forty(ish)-Mile Country Path Ramble on Saturday, December 17, I promised a few details. So I rode part of the route today, and looked back at last year. As it turns out the most important details were described pretty well in last year's preparatory post. Please read that post carefully, especially the part about weather. I'm all about fun, and if I don't think the weather looks pleasant, sitting in my warm house sipping coffee might be more fun for me.

As I recall, last year's 10am start time worked pretty well. It allowed folks a little time to travel up here without the need to wake up so early on a Saturday. So we'll do it again...roll out at 10am. Since we're starting so late, there's no reason to arrive late, right? Don't miss the roll out.

I also remembered that we had sizable group last year. We spread out a bit and I didn't have as easy time regrouping as I planned. In fact, a few folks took an excursion off course.

(looking ahead)

So as I look ahead to this year's event, I've prepared a cue sheet (using an Excel spreadsheet) for folks who wish to travel along at their own pace. I've decided NOT to prepare a map. However, I have mapped the main loop, and the Rosston spur, on If you plan to join us this year, and would like the Bikely links and/or the cue sheet, send me an email. The alternative to all this complicated navigating is to simply ramble along, and stop for the occasional refreshment, with me.

You DO have this entire day blocked out on your calendar for this event, right? It's only two weeks from this coming Saturday. Let's get ready to Ramble.


  1. Last year illustrated why SMART cyclists hang out with the ride organizer!

  2. Man, if I had more disposable income, I would join you. Dirt road rambling is my favorite kind of riding. I guess that's why Tour Divide appeals to me so much.

    Enjoy it rain or shine.

  3. I hope to make the ride. Please send the route sheet (EXCEL) to

  4. That's a lovely lookin road right there.

  5. I have a memorial service, so can't make it. Steve A. -- no flats this year. Watch out for this guy, McManus if he shows up!

    Thanks for doing this, Chris.

  6. Warren, I'm sorry to hear you can't make it, but there are a few things more important than playing in gravel. Come up some other time.