Sunday, November 13, 2011

Taste Samples

If you visit the ice cream shop, and feel experimental, they will give you an opportunity to taste samples of various flavor offerings. They give you just enough to get an idea of the unique characteristics of each one on a tiny spoon. Here are two taste samples of the variety enjoyed on today's ride. It was great to have my fill of them all.

Down in the lower areas, where creeks wander and gurgle, trees grow. When November winds finally arrive, leaves array themselves in color and fall like the rain we thirsted for all summer. Puddles of golden sunshine sparkling on the side of the road.

Up on the north Texas prairie hilltop, the wind whistles through barbed wire like the lonely moan of a ghost. Prairie ghosts? Or just the cry of the long time fenced up land?


  1. On my tires, I love the top photo and make it through the other one.

  2. Yeah, Steve, I understand. I had a wide variety of road surfaces today. I hit some washboard on a descent with a little speed and thought I had entered a rodeo.

  3. Based on the tiny samples, the first is minty and has a lively taste.

    The second is a dusty, earthy, rugged taste.

    Very different. Different is good.

  4. I really need to get out of town on my bicycle. Thanks for the inspiration!