Saturday, June 9, 2012

Calorie Craving Creativity

Admiring the head tube lug and longing for lunch

In which I improvise to compensate for a lack of preparation...

I have everything I need for an all morning ride.  I depart early, enjoy the outing, and eagerly anticipate a shower and lunch.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Pondero leaves the house to run errands, and I return without a key to a locked house.

I sit on the front porch in the breezy shade and cool down.  Craving food, I ponder eating the Clif bar tucked away in my bag.  Ugh...not that desperate yet.  Maybe if I take a couple of photos of the bike, Mrs. Pondero will return and I'll get real food.  She doesn't return.

I realize that "no key" doesn't mean "no transportation".  So I pedal about 3-4 more miles down to the nearest grill.  I have me a perfect gas station cheeseburger, and think that being prepared is not always the best thing.


  1. There was a place in Missoula. The Mo Club. For like two bucks you could get a frosted Pabst mug and a burger.1984. I thought I was, but I really wasn't that prepared. I wouldn't trade those times for a second.

  2. please tell me that the burger had yellow mustard, green relish and fried onions!!

  3. There is a REASON that Quicktrip gas stations around DFW are putting in bike racks! Two hot dogs for $2...

  4. Anonymous- It had all that and more. If you ate one of the eggs in the weird jar behind the counter, you got a free beer.

  5. i love pickeled eggs!!

  6. Hungry cyclists are certainly resourceful, especially after a ride!

  7. I use cycling as a means to justify my eating, sometimes. Or is it all the time? :)

    Glad to note you're enjoying the milder weather we are experiencing - not including today!

    Paz :)