Saturday, June 23, 2012

Greenwood Grocery

In a geography not known for hills, this little store sits at the bottom of one of the longer sustained descents around.  I drop from a treeless hilltop grassland with expansive views to this shady spot.  The contrast is startling.  It's a sleepy village setting where watercourses, and big ancient trees, gather like neighbors.  I can't help but stop here and soak in the quiet, the shade, and the fresh air before climbing back out to the windswept Wise County grasslands.


  1. Hi Chris.

    Looks like you guys have as many great roadside supply stops as we do!Nice photo.

  2. Nice shot. Kind of peaceful for me. A reminder in a way.It's nice to know those sleepy villages are still there. I like the bench under the porch. And the thought of watercourses and ancient trees meeting like nieghbors.

  3. That's a wonderful scene and recounting of it. I think you see the poetry in many things.

  4. As the weather gets hotter, this must seem kind of like an oasis.