Saturday, June 30, 2012


My improved fitness has come at the expense of noodling around and taking photos. The whole motivation to sell my beloved A. Homer Hilsen and buy this nice MAP frame was to help me move toward more "sporting" rides. That has proven to be a success.  I've been going farther and faster. But I haven't been stopping as much and looking around. So the trade-off then is that I've only got one photo from today's 4+ hour ride.

I'm enjoying the higher level of fitness. It should allow me to have more fun on those "noodling around" rides...if I'll make sure to take them. Seems like it might be time for a micro-tour. 


  1. Micro-tour sounds good. Don't wait until late July!

  2. Somewhat of a contrast between "Summer Sounds" and "Trade Off". Four hours of riding sounds good; either way.

  3. Great point, Steve!

    GravelDoc, yes, the "Summer Sounds" ride was one of those noodling around rides I did manage to make happen. Switching topics, as best I can tell you have a blogger profile and blog, but with no posts. Is that correct? Also I've been thinking of contacting you offline, but don't see an email address.

  4. Oops, my bad. Chris, I'll fix that e-mail address thing. No, I have not committed to starting up an active blog; I just set up the blogger profile in order to more easily respond to others blogs. I appreciate what time and effort folks such as yourself must go to maintaining an active blog.