Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lakeside Laziness

I'll go to great lengths to be lazy.  In this case, that meant making preparations the night before, rising early, boiling a couple of eggs, pedaling out of my way to stop at the donut shop for a sugary treat, and pedaling a few miles to the lakeside for a micro-tour.

Pictures prove how lazy I am.

 dark departure

 in route


stove prep 

 lazy look south


sip time 

standing in the lake 

MAP micro-tour bike 

lazy location 

 shoreline south

shoreline north 

local vegetation 

looking down 

 a good place to be

heading home

Lakeside laziness, lucky me.


  1. Good stuff..You can't hurry laziness!

    When you chose the colour for the MAP frame did you envisage how well it would sit with the land around you?

  2. Glad you got to go on a nice mini tour! The photos look great, as usual!

    Paz :)

  3. Peter, the MAP frame was Mitch's personal bike, so I did not choose the color. I would have chosen something else, but that earthy brown does seem to fit my environment. It's growing on me.

    Chandra, thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I love that... "I will go to great lengths to be lazy." That's exactly how I feel!

  5. "A good place to be", it certainly seems to be. Great photos and observation of your surroundings. "Sip time", looks like an exceptionally sweet time. Love the idea of bringing a stove along. Espresso too? I agree, your bike blends nicely with the landscape. Clean,sharp,defined,earth tone.