Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Simpler Time

Life seems to be growing more complex every day.  

Not sure that is really best for us.  

Seems like simple things allow for a healthy amount of focus.

Don't really  need (or want) so many options, features, and conveniences.

All that stuff takes far too much time and energy.

Fortunately, for this old curmudgeon, my Saturday mornings awheel take me to a simpler time.


  1. Simple does it! Amen to that, Chris!!
    Nicely portrayed in B&W.

    Peace :)

  2. Perhaps there is more than one reason they named it "Wise County."

  3. Nice. I especially like the rolling shot. The feeling of motion with the stillness of the double track. The feeling of distance. The lines. " a healthy amount of focus".

  4. Your photos take me back to simpler times growing up; especially the old store fronts. You know, I really took so much of that for granted. Thinking it would always be there, I've found so much has changed and, yes, more complex. Sauntering down a lonely gravel road is one of those experiences that remind of those simpler times. Thanks for the brief ride down "memory lane"; beautifully portrayed in black and white.