Saturday, July 21, 2012

Appetite for Adventure

He wasn't wearing the scout uniform, but he reminded me of the engaging little boy character in the movie, "Up".

He was a little pudgy, with full, round cheeks...maybe 9 or 10.  

When he stepped out of the Greenwood Grocery with a just-opened soft drink in his hand, he stopped dead in his tracks, smiled, and waved at me.

I had stopped there in the shade to refill a bottle, and had just pulled up when he stepped out of the store. 

It couldn't have been much past 7:30am, but I had been riding for well over an hour.

After the wave, he just stood there staring.  I could see in his facial expression that his brain was processing the sweaty, dusty old bicyclist he saw in front of him.

Then he asked, "What time did you get up this morning!?"

"About 5:30," I replied.

"Holy cow!", followed by a bigger grin, was his reaction.

Then he turned, joined his siblings and his mother, crawled into their minivan, and closed the doors.

But I think he has potential.  

Somewhere inside him is an appetite for adventure.

As long as there are mornings like this one, who could blame him?


  1. The post brings a smile to my face as well. Maybe not in a "Holy cow", kind of way. More of a "right" and "ride" on! I really enjoyed the experience and feel of your landscape. Amber waves of grain.

  2. Four and half thousand miles away and most of my images of Texas are influenced by a childhood of John Wayne movies. Thank you for these little pieces of new learning.

  3. You definitely have some very nice gravel road opportunities in your area of Texas.

    Around here, in Tucson, there really aren't many gravel roads. The off-roads suitable for a road bike (not specifically mountain bike tracks) are generally graded dirt roads. These often have quite large rocks that pose a hazard to tires and riders!

  4. The cycle continues...


  5. Lovely photos, Chris! I wonder if I was more adventurous as a kid than I am now, as an older kid.
    Peace :)

  6. Pondero, I found your blog this week through circuitous internet happenstance, but am so glad to have found a fellow traveler, literally and in spirit, as well. This post left me with a grin. I treasure the moments when little kids stare inently at me as I ride by; I like to imagine they're storing away an image of something cool they will return to and perhaps seek out some day. I try to always wave and smile.