Sunday, February 11, 2007

Boss Range Road

The Sunday afternoon ride was short and slow. There wasn't much time for an epic ride, but there was enough time for noodling around and taking a few pictures of the winter scenes nearby. Here are a few of the things seen today.

It didn't take long to find some curious cows. Let's face it, they don't see as many bicycles as pickup trucks.

There were also several interesting things just off the side of the road. The fence, the trees, and a few farm implements. Note the combination of manmade and natural barbs on the photo of the rusted post.

There was some kind of knee-high vegetation growing in a pasture. Interesting texture, interesing brown color, and a farm house way back there...

Finally, here's why I have started using (and enjoying) wider tires on my road bike...

Even with not much time, it was another great day for a ride.

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