Saturday, February 24, 2007

Confession of a Wayward Cyclist

It is entirely appropriate for the content of this post to follow the previous. It is tragic how deceptively easy things can go awry.

Fitness and good health are things that can come from a devotion to cycling and they are things that enhance the experience of riding a bike. In a way, it is what biologists call a "symbiotic relationship". However, sometimes the natural process can get all mucked-up. Sometimes a series of circumstances can weaken us and lead us in our slumber to places we do not really want to go.

A few long days at work, a few mechanical or equipment problems with the bike, a few more than typical family obligations, a couple of days of bad weather...all occurring simultaneously or in quick succession can take the cyclist veering off the road into the ditch as it were. We don't really realize it is happening at first. Then, something jars us into a realization that corrections need to be made, and fast.

Here is a little helpful hint for the cyclist. If you sit down to have dinner, look down at your meal, and see this... is time to take immediate corrective action.


  1. ...or perhaps just enjoy and do better next time.

  2. Well...yeah...I mean, there it is. You can't just walk away from it. You gotta eat it and then steer back in the right direction...indeed.