Saturday, February 17, 2007

Schwinn Update

After so many days of schedule conflicts, the Schwinn project bike was finally built-up yesterday. The very first official ride is expected within the hour. So far it has only been ridden up and down the street for a few seconds as a quick build test.

It's not exactly finished. It lacks fenders. It lacks the black cloth bar tape that will cover the initial layer cushy cork tape that is on the bars. It also lacks the light because the method of mounting the light is still under consideration. The head badge also needs to be re-attached.

Notable features include fixed gear drive (48x17), generator hub, and a rather industrial refinished Schwinn Traveler frame...all astride 650B wheels. The gearing is higher than was on the old Trek (which was 42x16) and this might need to change. It is also possible that the bottom bracket for this 650B conversion is too low.

It is a great day for a bike ride. Let the experiment begin.

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