Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Denton Loop

After coming to a new location, the bike is first used to explore nearby surroundings. Between the various tasks of getting settled, the 3-mile loop was found. It is a nice short route and perfect for taking a short break. However, after awhile getting settled transitions into hunger for longer routes.

The idea is to string together a few of the roads explored in short out-and-back trips and create larger loops. Today was an example of stringing together a few backroads into a nice single 40-mile loop. It's a nice round number and can be done with minimal fitness...just ask me. The upper left corner is the homestead. The lower right corner is the Denton County Courthouse square.

Now that I've got this one in the books. I think its time to explore toward the east. It would be great to have a loop that takes in Ray Roberts Lake...

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