Saturday, September 22, 2007

From Our Nation's Capital

Well, sort of.

Actually, this post is from Arlington, Virginia and within walking distance of Reagan National Airport. Travel and attempts to keep up with work demands have prevented more frequent blog updates. This one rambles as a few spare minutes allow only a brief update. Today's entry focuses on a few photos.

First, this one is actually a left-over from the Austin trip. It just didn't seem to fit in with the story line for that entry. However, it kept whispering to me that it deserved to be seen. Since the whispers were starting to be tiring, here it is.

It is simply a photo taken out of the hotel window (11th floor), looking north, during a rainy afternoon. The famous rowdy 6th Street is in the foreground, being not so rowdy during the daytime...during the rain.

The next one was taken today on a walk from the hotel to get some lunch. Just what I need, a reminder that I'm 1381 miles (or 3 days of work) away from the bike.

Finally, on that same walk to lunch, a certain plant grabbed my attention. In a certain park area there was a shaded walkway. The shade was provided by dense leafy vegetation. Upon further inspection, it was apparent that the vegetation was some type of vine that was trained up some columns and on a support frame. The vines were growing up the column from the outside of the circular walkway only, but spread out to provide a complete refreshing shade for park visitors.

Well then, enough frivolity. It's time to get back to work.

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