Friday, September 7, 2007

Tractors Are Handy

There were universal recommendations to get a tractor. It seemed that all family and friends were amused at the very prospect of city-boy owning one. "You'll have a good time with it," they said. "It will be very useful," they said. "You'll be amazed at how many things it will help you do," they said. Even so, there was some reluctance to spend the money and add more complexity and machinery I can't maintain myself. There was already too many vehicles around that can't be keep running at tip-top condition. But the grass was tall, the purchase was made, and the tractor was delivered.

Yesterday, Janet broke a finger.

As a result, she has been needing just a little extra help with things. One of those things is caring for the monsters. One monster, in particular, needs to be walked to burn off the extra energy he normally uses to irritate the rest of us. Yeah, I'll be glad to take him for a walk, heh, heh, heh.

Today the tractor was handy. They were right. One can just keep finding good things to do with a tractor. Today it was a dog walker.

It allowed us to cover a fair amount of distance, over rough ground, in great ease. From here to way back there.

Well, it was easy for one of us.


  1. Just one question - - Will it help with the bathing too?

  2. Well...the monster will either not get bathed until she can use that finger...or maybe I can use the tractor to drag him through the neighbor's pond.