Thursday, October 11, 2007

Base Miles

The quest for a thousand base miles is back on.

Sunny skies, lower humidity, and slightly cooler temps (like lower 80s) provide pleasant surroundings for grinding out the miles. Squeezing an hour ride during a lunch break limits the number of miles somewhat, but given the current level of fitness, it is probably best to grind them out in smaller chunks for awhile.

Speaking of grinding, every little roller in north Denton County is a bit of a grind for me now. The fixed gear experience is good experience for the devoted cyclist. It teaches him about efficient power application at lower cadences, effective use of momentum, and how to spin like a freak on descents. Without concern for chosing optimal gearing, the focus is on technique. The amazing thing is that today's session was similar in average speed to many of my geared-bike rides lately...fat tires and all.

This dead stop at the bottom of a 95-foot gain in elevation is a poor example in the use of momentum...

...but it is a great example of the sacrifices I have to make so you guys can have pictures. I had to work to grind my way out of this valley.

Your welcome.

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