Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little Things

This week goes down as a great example of how, without sufficient margin in life, little things can erode away important things. Many of us have schedules that are packed full. I suppose we do this because we wish to "miss" as little as possible...the old "I want to have it all" line of thinking. Maybe it is because we think that the whole world out there needs our special touch. Whatever the reason, without sufficient margin, life's little contingencies pop-up. When they do, they usually do not displace the urgent things in our schedule. It is the less urgent, but more important things, that are nudged aside.

For reasons of spiritual, emotional, and physical health, I've remembered the long-term importance of Bible study, prayer, and physical exercise (for me, cycling). Certain measures have been taken to re-emphasize these things and put them back in my weekly routine. The training log added to this blog (bottom of right hand column) is one visible example. Less visible examples include carving out some time daily for reading the Bible, meditation, and prayer. While things run smoothly, it feels great to balance the accomplishment of the "must be done today" things with some time to step back and sow the proverbial seeds for a future harvest. Then come the little things.

This week included its share of little things. Somehow I let the more valuable things slip out of my grasp. Isn't it amazing how well Jesus could focus? Maybe that is why God reminds us...

But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good;
(1 Thess. 5:21)

Hold fast indeed! Let this serve as a reminder to us all. Focus on what is important and not on what is incidental.

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