Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Comp'ny

It was an early Saturday morning amble west of Ponder, Texas. Although I had the camera at the ready, the comp'ny and the surroundings were too pleasant to interrupt. No photos today.

Clear skies and brisk, still morning air. Conversation and story-telling. Pedaling and watching the world wake-up through hill and dale. Miles and minutes passed by with hardly a notice.

My buddy selected the route near his home and told me stories about local history and families in the area. He told me about their land and how well they managed things. I don't recall him making a negative comment about anyone. I don't think that is because nothing ever goes wrong. I think my friend doesn't waste time on those things. I think he likes to celebrate the good and keep negative things from spreading. I can learn a few things from this guy.

A far cry from New England, Ponder, Texas doesn't have the same dramatic visual slap-in-face impact of the northeast part of the country. However, during the fall, this pasture dominated landscape has its own subtle beauty including the occasional brilliant color. It seems there are more colors with richer tones than at other times of the year. The gold, green, and a thousand shades of orange and brown...all in the glowing light of the autumn morning sun. Subtle as it might be, it is treasure compared to this time of year in the city.

Good weather, great comp'ny. One can't help feeling like he is one of the most fortunate.

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