Sunday, October 21, 2007

Miss Becky

A beautiful, but windy, Sunday afternoon found me back on the bike. There have been days in the past, when speed was the objective. A strong wind in those days would have been a strong annoyance. In those days, there were strong limitations in my perspective. In these days, with perspective, each opportunity to roll out is a special privilege. Today's ride, in addition to the training benefits, included a short visit with Miss Becky.

Miss Becky, as I call her, lives at the FM 455/FM 2450 intersection. This unicorporated area is known to locals as Boliver. It is a four-way stop with a gas station/grocery on one corner. In the photo above, she's rolling in the grass on the southwest corner. She's homeless, but pampered. Several, including certain females in my family, have tried to rescue her. Miss Becky doesn't want to be rescued. Those in the grocery feed her by keeping a constant pile of food laying around. It is my understanding that others have brought her food as well. During my visit today, I noticed that someone had placed about a pound of fat trimmings from some kind of barbeque. I think it was from a brisket and it smelled delicious. No sir, Miss Becky, don't need no rescuing.

It is hard to get close to Miss Becky. She likes her freedom. While using the zoom feature on my camera, I was able to see that she apparently has a social life (see her friend at left in photo above). Either that, or Miss Becky likes to show-off her freedom to those less fortunate. It really looked like she was enjoying the Sunday afternoon sunshine and the breeze.

Back at the house, the new bike begged to strike a pose. Sometimes it is easier just to accomodate than it is to argue about it. Another show-off.

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