Monday, September 1, 2008

Because I Can

After all that riding on gravel yesterday, a little clean-up was in order for the Kogswell P/R. Since the wheels and major accessories came off to aid the washing, it was a good time to build it back up with gears...merely for the sake of variety.

At my request, Anthony (Longleaf Bicycles) built me a spare rear wheel with a 7-speed cassette to use with my single 48t chainring. My main objective was to allow for a simple and fast switch between a fixed gear bike and a geared bike. There might be a number of practical excuses one could cite for this behaviour, but let's just be honest. I did it because I can.

It doesn't take long to remove the rear wheel and chain, and replace them with another wheel, rear derailleur, downtube shifter, a single cable, and a longer chain. All the alternative identity parts are stored together so a change can occur almost as fast as the "need" arises, like Clark Kent donning the Superman suit.

The simplicity of the fixed gear drive train strikes a personal chord, so that is the default configuration. But today, I WANT to fiddle with the downtube shifter and think about which gears to use climbing certain inclines. I WANT to have the ability to take advantage of higher speeds with tailwinds, spinning a smaller gear against headwinds, and coasting down hills. So for now, I'll live with a little complexity.

I don't know when, but soon, I'll yearn for more soulful, simpler ways. When I do, it will be an easy...uh...fix.


  1. It appears that some people are not atuned to the endless joys associated with merely contemplating different bicycle setups let alone actually exploring them........wait....that sounds like I need to get out more!


  2. Maybe I can combine a different bicycle set-up AND bring back the puppies. I'm starting to think about getting a Surly Big Dummy ( so I'll have room to take one or more of the knuckleheads with me on a ride. If they all don't make it back...oh well.