Saturday, January 9, 2010


If you've followed this blog long enough, you are aware that my sweet bride is sympathetic towards all kinds of forlorn, freeloading, furry rascals. She is an animal control officer for Justin, Texas, and dog rescuer for almost everyone.

It's been fairly quiet and peaceful around here lately, until he showed up. I'm calling him Maynard. She says that is not his real name, but he looks like Maynard to me, and this is my blog, so he's Maynard here.

He's a pit bull/lab mix. That means he's friendly and playful. That also means that he's strong enough to destroy things during his playful mischievousness. That said, my wife is great with dogs and has managed to supervise him well. He's really been better behaved than I expected.

He's has an appointment today to visit with a potential adopter. He's been entertaining here, but I hope he'll be on his best behavior, so he can romp around someone else's house. We already have plenty of excitement around here. Besides, who knows what will show up tomorrow.

Good luck, Maynard.


  1. Cute puppy!

    She is an animal control officer... and dog rescuer for almost everyone.

    Sounds like a dangerous combination. ;- )

  2. Maynard, in the first picture, looks like he's homing in on someone's calf. If he's been with you for awhile he also has the look of a dog that makes an inexplicable journey cross country only to return to "his" front porch.

  3. In that bottom picture, he's considering what you wrote here and how he'll short circuit it. Anything with Labrador in it is a joy except for those brief moments when a new mischief has been discovered.

  4. He's a handsome fella, I hope he finds a good home. He does look mischievous ...

  5. Awesome cute doggy! Hope he finds a great home. Thanks for being kind to animals.
    Peace :)