Saturday, January 30, 2010

Test of Commitment

The wind is thundering across the prairie like a herd of buffalo. It's cloudy, 24 degrees, and feels like 12.

I'm one hour behind on my January cycling goal, and I only have parts of two days to meet the goal.

Words like coffee, blanket, book, couch, and fireplace dominate my thinking. When I think about the bicycle, words like planning and preparation come to mind, but not the word "pedaling".

Commitment tested, outcome uncertain.


  1. Downwind for an hour then have someone come pick you up? I just love compromises....:-D BTW freezing rain here today with ice covered roads, so I doubt I will ride.


  2. Come on! Go on out there and create your very own wind chill factor! =)

  3. Head north, into the teeth of the wind, then you'll love the ride home. I did a short ride yesterday to the pharmacy drive thru for my lovely bride, then did a quick 5 miles or so to ride to a group breakfast. North to breakfast, south to home. The ride home was much more pleasant.

    If you have a balaclava it should be no problem. Go for it! You can do it!

  4. The worst part is wheeling the bike out the door. It gets better after that.

  5. It was not terrible during mid-day, at least here in Irving. I rode to the local Bicycles Plus in Coppell. I was planning to ride some more but I got too involved in other chores. Perhaps tomorrow!

    Stay warm!

    Peace :)

  6. You can definitely handle an hour of riding, even if it's cold, and then you can still indulge in the coffee, blanket, book, couch, and fireplace, after your ride. And then, you will really feel like you earned it!

  7. I really appreciate all the encouragement, and creative approaches to my dilemma. Alas, nothing but a short test ride (not logged) of the project bike on the 30th. The forecast for the last day of the month is somewhat better, and I plan to go spend some time in the saddle. I expect the "new bike" motivation to kick in for me.