Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well, Let's Get On With It

After a few years with no "training" regime, no bicycle computers, and no mileage logs, it is time for a change. The pendulum swept from an obsessive, rigid fitness scheme to pedaling only when convenient. Now a balance involving some kind of reasonable goal is the objective.

There will be annual and monthly goals for "hours in the saddle". I'm not concerned with miles or rate, but time. That is my chosen unit of measure for pleasure, physical health, and peace of mind.

I'm already behind on reaching my goal for January, and bitter (for Texas) cold is predicted in the next few days. Last night, as the sun set, I bundled up and rolled into the north breeze.

Cold, or dark, or wet. Let's get on with it.


  1. Thursday, its being said, is going to test your resolve.

  2. ...or my creativity for finding ways to ride more when it's not so cold...like tonight, for a little while in the dark.

  3. I think this is a good approach. I normally try to ride in any conditions, but I find what bothers me most is darkness. Maybe I need some better lights, but they're expensive. I enjoy riding in the dark, to a point, but it's hard to make myself get out there. Especially riding from home, the trip out to the country roads, and back into town, is a lot scarier at night.

  4. good luck. our deep freeze has made saddle time a challenge, unless you resort to trainers/rollers. Personally, I find that to not be cycling.

  5. Tim, back in the days I did structured training, rollers were routine. I still have nightmares about pedaling madly, watching the sweat pour of me and puddle on the garage floor, and then looking up to see nothing but garage door. It seemed endless.

    Now, my rollers our packed away, and I ride on the kind of days that once pushed me to rollers.

    There were two main reasons for the shift...reduced training structure and discovering wool.