Monday, March 12, 2012

Late Start

The end of sunlight, followed by the skunk slalom.

Black fur on those critters doesn't reflect light well at all.
You don't see them until you're there.
Why is that little shadow wobbling across the road?
Yikes! Not a shadow.

Evasive maneuvers on narrow county roads.


  1. A good argument in favor of good lights!

  2. Skunks? Seems we have something in common at either end of Interstate Highway 35.

  3. Lovely photo, Chris!
    I see'em on the trail here too. I am more worried about one running into my wheel than anything else. The odor is stinky, but oh well, they gotta live somewhere too :)

    Paz ;)

  4. We should start a campaign to put those little flags that go on kids bikes on skunks. Safety first!

  5. Ah! You do not want to get skunked. My dog got sprayed in our yard, protecting the chickens, and then again three days later on a bike ride!
    She and I were riding/running through the orchard near our house at night, and I saw the skunk and veered of, yelling at the dog. The dynamo light went out when I stopped, and she ran right over the skunk! BAM! Sprayed.