Saturday, March 31, 2012

Was This Goodbye?

The new project frame is due to arrive today. Knowing that wheels and several components from this bike must be used on the new frame, I made a point to take A. Homer Hilsen out this morning.

It will soon be rendered un-ridable, and I've got this simplification project underway that anticipates multiple bikes leaving the premises. Like that last gathering of high school friends at the post-graduation celebration when I knew I'd never see many of them again, I wondered. Was this our last ride together? Was this goodbye?


  1. Nooo, not the A. Homer Hilsen!

    I can't imagine the bike that will replace it?

  2. now the suspense is killing me...

    What could replace the A. Homer?

  3. The new bike matches the living room furniture better...

  4. Mrs. Pondero

    You're a good wife because you let Mr. Pondero have bikes in the living room! What a lucky man.

  5. Chris, I gotta say I'm dismayed. Looks like you've picked up an awfully nice new set o' wheels, but selling the gorgeous AHH is unfortunate. And it's unfortunate I don't have the cash to buy the AHH. Dang! I sure do like that color!