Saturday, July 14, 2007

The 3-mile Loop

Since we've moved to rural north Texas, everything is a little more spread out. Now, a bike ride around the block is 3 miles long. It is a pleasant ride and one I like to take when lacking time. There was a short window yesterday between the afternoon thunderstorms and evening darkness. So I took a short ride around the block.

Rolling away from the homestead...hmmm, looks like the grass is getting a little high.

Looks like this pasture road doesn't get much use.

Here's one of my neighbors...just down the street. Nice place.

Typical 3-mile loop road through the neighborhood.

Some of the places on the backside of the loop have a nice view of the Clear Creek valley.

As the rain fell in sheets and the thunder boomed, I had given up hope on riding today. But it didn't last long, the roads dried, and a window opened before dark. Plenty of time to noodle along the 3-mile loop...and dream about longer rides to come in the days ahead.

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