Sunday, July 29, 2007


We've been telling folks that we've been "moved-in" for weeks. If we mean by "moved-in" that all our stuff is on the premises, we were right. In some ways, however, we haven't quite been "moved-in" until recently. There is a certain amount of personal touches needed to turn the corner of bringing not only stuff, but personality. Although there is still much to be done to get everything just so, I think we've turned the corner.

One of the major contributions was the lovely work Janet did on the front porch. She worked her magic arranging plants, bird baths, and yard art to make the entry quite inviting. Now our front porch has her personality, touch, and feel. This is our little corner of the universe. It is where her touch is evident and it is where I want to be.

There is a day
when the road neither
comes nor goes, and the way
is not a way but a place.

- Wendell Berry

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  1. Janet does have a gift...I should have learned from her when I had the chance. Your entry looks lovely.