Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sam Bass Road and More

The ride this morning was spectacular. I've got a photo that, as usual, doesn't quite show it like it really was. But first, a couple of other ponderings...

One of the things to discover about rural living is there are more bugs. Where there are bugs, there are spiders. I don't like spiders, but my intelligent eco-sensitive gardener wife says they are not "spiders"...they are "beneficials". Yeah, well, they're still scary.

In addition to learning a few things from my wife, I've learned a few things from my father-in-law. While cruising along a nice county road in the middle of lovely north Texas ranch land, I went through a sparsely populated forested area. An obscured sign caught my attention. My father-in-law knows what this you? (as with most photos I post here, you can click on it for a larger view)

Now back to the photo that doesn't quite show it like it really was. One of those nice county roads is Sam Bass Road. This road seems to provide access to ranch homes for folks who own larger pieces of land. It also seems to be the kind of beautiful rolling countryside land that might promote envy in the less disciplined of us.

I'm blessed to live in a place like this. A place where prime cycling and scenic views are common. I'm blessed to be out here in a more rural setting...even with the so called "beneficials".

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