Saturday, August 30, 2008

Model P Revisited

I have said before that I am fortunate. Living in rural Denton County provides the opportunity to noodle around on many low traffic and quiet roads. There is a nice combination of gently rolling hills and a mixture of paved and non-paved surfaces. Since my rides are not long, however, there is a tendency to ride the same routes repeatedly. I've been thinking about trying to add variety by exploring new areas or venturing farther from home. What if time doesn't allow for more grandiose excursions?

I am also fortunate in that I have multiple bicycles. My default ride is my Kogswell P/R fixed gear. It's handling, front bag, fixed gear drivetrain, and cushy fat tires make it ideal for my normal ramblings. However, I have a Kogswell Model P that is also a very nice ride. Since it has higher trail geometry, multiple gears, and a different wheel/tire combination, it rides differently. Although the contact points for each bike are in a similar position, the Model P also has wider (and lower) bars so there is a slightly different feel to the cockpit.

Variety today was gained by riding a familiar route with a different bicycle. Instead of standing to climb, I sat and spun small gears uphill, and then took advantage of the freewheel by coasting back down. Variety is good and I am still looking forward to exploring new routes. I even have a few areas in mind for when the opportunity comes.

In the meantime, it's good to have options.

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