Sunday, August 24, 2008

Slow Weekend

After yesterday's early morning excitement, it has been a fairly slow weekend. Since I seek boredom, that means it has been a pretty good weekend for me. When I get back among my workmates, someone might ask, "How was your weekend?" To which I'll probably reply with the proven, "Fine. How was yours?"

If I figured you were really interested, I might give you a couple of highlights. For example, I might tell you that we uncovered the large toad living on our back porch and measured his length-width ratio. Yep, I know, you can hardly wait. This fella feasts on the numerous insects that also frequently visit the back porch in the evening.

It looks like he is 3.5 inches long by 3.0 inches wide. That's a length-width ratio of 1.167-to-1, my friend. He doesn't look fast, but apparently, this guy doesn't go hungry. He has enough bulk to handle what the furry rascals dish out on him during their last patrol of the day.

I might also tell you that Marcie, the Rat Terrier, also struck a pose. Cute, eh? It is almost like she decided to cooperate with me a little and try to appeal to those that might be willing to adopt her. Just think friends, you could have this kind of cuteness in your home everyday...

...and then I wouldn't.

That's what we call a true win/win situation.

So, yes, it was a slow weekend. But that doesn't mean it didn't have its moments. Even a slow weekend is better than bad TV.

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