Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Never Know

Because I like to ride a bicycle, I don't mind waking early to get on the road. During the prior evening, I fill bottles, check my food stash, and make sure I've packed the camera. Because you never know. Sometimes, when time is short, I'll noodle around on the bike just looking for something interesting to snap for this blog. Other times, it is really more about the ride, but I take the camera...just in case. Because you never know. This morning was one of those days I was able to get an early start. Today's objective was to explore a couple of new roads, but I had the camera, because...well...what if something amusing appears? How could I live with myself knowing that I did not capture it here for your amusement?

To access the new roads I wanted to explore, I spent about an hour cruising familiar routes. As the overcast sky lightened, I slowly established a smooth rhythm. Not fast really, but steady. My mind went into that neutral state that blends itself with sustainable effort, the momentum of the undulating terrain, the alternating between sitting and standing, making the turns, and watching the countryside change. This neutral state of mind was interrupted, only briefly, when I noticed the new roads I sought to explore were gravel. Being short on time, I rode on by and deferred exploration for another day. Immediately, I was back in the zone.

Like arriving at my destination and not remembering the drive, I rolled through Sanger focused on the feeling of movement and the joy of balancing on two wheels, but none of the details of the location. I guess I was there. I must have been there.

On the north side of town, there is a hill. A medium climb, a wonderful view, and a sizable (for this area) descent. I reached the bottom of the hill going faster than my normal cruising speed, made the left turn and began climbing again. I stood and started the gentle rocking of the machine back and forth, establishing the balance of speed and cadence for my fixed gear. We were working together it seemed, my narrow world was in balance, and I glanced to my right and saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex standing by the side of the road. What?!

You never know.

Momentum, rhythm, and balance all fade away as mind snaps back to reality. I lower myself back to the saddle and turn around.

So today, I had the camera packed away in my handlebar bag because Mr. T-Rex had struck a pose.

But I guess it could have been anything, really. You never know.


  1. Nice T-Rex. There are some interesting people out in the country.

    I started the early morning riding thing, but we had relatives come in from out of town. They've temporarily taken over the living room. I really cant get to my bike and equipment out early in the morning without waking everybody.

  2. There ARE some interesting people around here. I have my own peculiarities, so I guess I'm in the right spot.

    When the relatives depart, how about some more Fort Worth early morning photos?