Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Sanger Sights

As promised, another Saturday morning ramble was launched so that I could further illustrate some of the interesting sights in Sanger, Texas. The ramble actually included accomplishing a few other minor tasks. It was bordering on efficient, but I was (after all) traveling by bicycle. Let's ramble, shall we?

Once underway, it didn't take long to spot these demon-possessed cows.

Those creepy eyes, even without coffee, woke me up. So I zipped briskly down the nearby gravel road.

Approaching slopiness, it was time for a haircut. This was most convenient since one of the interesting Sanger sights (omitted from my last post) is Narci's barber shop.

Narci is the scissor master of the one-chair barber shop in Sanger and an all-around great guy. He replaced the original 1920's vintage chair with this modern one built in 1963 several years back.

Next stop, coffee shop. I had no coffee in the house this morning and was ready for my morning cup and a little extra to brew up later. This photo shows (from left-to-right), Texas-sized coffee cup, standard coffee cup, coffee roaster. Yep, they roast 'em right here.

I'm a little surprised that I did not get a photo of Babe's during my last Sanger tour. This decidedly non-health food restaurant is one of the local claims-to-fame. Homemade bisquits, sorghum syrup, chicken fried steak, excellent singing waitresses, and the hokey-pokey. As a former Houston resident, I appreciate the sign hanging on an inside wall that says, "Life's too short to live in Houston". Come hungry.

Come hungry and come early. If you come at normal eating times, you'll sit out here with many others admiring the tractor, salivating, and waiting to get in.

I just couldn't resist snapping a photo of this old tractor sitting out front.

Then it was back into the surrounding countryside with barns, tree-lined roads...

...views over the treetops...

...more pastures...

...and this aged barnside with decorative fence, fading paint, and a few differenct colored boards to make it interesting.

Let's see...bicycle transport, interesting sights, haircut, and coffee run. Yep, that is one excellent recipe for delicious Saturday ramble.


  1. Hey Christopher, I just discovered your blog after reading your post on Veloquent. Great photos. I'm glad I'm not the only one who complains about the heat.


  2. Hi Myles, it's good to hear from a fellow Texan. I like those shirt designs and wish you the best with your business. Unless you plan to create a new design with a Alex Singer rando bike soon, I might look into the double bike or exploded crank design...or maybe the fixed gear...

    I also enjoyed your blog with the photos of familiar Fort Worth sites. I'll check back frequently when it is too hot to ride.

  3. Scary cows indeed.